elite Health

How elite Health Works

With Elite Health you can be treated for non-emergency medical conditions across a HIPAA compliant patient/clinician portal. Logging into the portal is easy. The award-winning electronic medical records system is designed to document the encounter completely and quickly to support intuitive medical record keeping.

Patients can be effectively treated for common complaints such as:

Did You Know?

  • 80% of all doctor, ER, and urgent care visits can be resolved using a Registered Nurse triage-Telemedicine
    hot line (Source: Ameridoc.com / /Findley Davies)
  • The average face-to-face appointment lasts 5-10 minutes (Source: American Society
    of Registered Nurses //Findley Davies)
  • 63% of all patients report having trouble reaching their PCP on weekends, holidays, and evenings
    (Source: Urgent Care Association of America // Findley Davies) 
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